Please join me for a breakfast and discussion with Rhode Island General Treasurer Seth Magaziner, who is running for Congress in the state’s Island’s 2nd District.

Tuesday, March 29th
The Offices of Tiber Creek Group
Washington, DC

Special guests include Amy Kennedy, Gerry Harrington, Ira & Suzanne Magaziner, Sean Richardson, Donald Sweitzer, and Chris Vitale.

At a time when, nationally, Republicans are gaining traction, it is critical that Rhode Island has a representative in Congress who isn’t afraid to stand up to Donald Trump’s agenda and fight for those struggling to join the middle-class. Seth has a strong record of accomplishment. A few highlights: 

  • He led a once-in-a-generation effort to repair or replace more than 170 dated and unsafe schools, investing more than $1.7 billion and creating more than 28,000 jobs so far. 
  • He pushed Rhode Island toward climate resiliency by establishing alternate energy programs that have funded more than $145 million in clean energy initiatives across the state, saving money for cities and towns and putting nearly 2,000 people to work.
  • He launched BankLocal, a program that has moved tens of millions of dollars of the state’s cash from New York banks to RI banks and credit unions, supporting loans to hundreds of small businesses in the state.
  • He built the pension fund to the highest level in its history, with more than $10 billion in assets, through his Back To Basics program.
  • He returned more than $80 million in cash from the state to more than 100,000 people who didn’t even know it was owed to them, often making the difference in their ability to make rent or utility payments in these difficult times. 

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