On January 21, 2021 Patrick J. Kennedy will give the Annual Innovation Address at the Minnesota Association of Resources for Recovery and Chemical Health (MARRCH) State of the State Addiction Summit.

MARRCH’s “State of the State: Providing Addiction Care in a Time of COVID” is designed to give members and guests a snapshot of affairs in the substance use treatment and mental health communities. Attendees will hear from lawmakers, industry leaders, and content experts as they plan for the 2021 year of legislative priorities.

MARRCH is a professional association of addiction treatment professionals and organizations striving to raise awareness about addiction and the power of recovery. They represent more than 75 agencies and more than 2,000 individuals (Licensed Alcohol and Drug Counselors, students, other behavioral health professionals) with members in every region of Minnesota.

As a collective body, MARRCH works to educate, support and guide individuals and agencies while speaking with a unified voice in public policy venues.

Learn more at https://www.marrch.org/event/2021-state-of-the-state

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