Patrick J. Kennedy will be among the speakers at the Mobilize Recovery conference, August 18-20th in Las Vegas.

Mobilize Recovery is an initiative of the Recovery Advocacy Project and The Voices Project. Its mission is to expand policy to support recovery, create connections to supportive services that are vital and life-saving, and involve individuals in meaningful civic action. The initiative convened advocates with lived experience to build capacity for organized civic engagement with new leadership across the country. Facebook supported the inaugural Mobilize Recovery in 2019 with a grant through its Community Leadership Program. 

 Mobilize Recovery supports and uplifts all pathways to recovery by building community and developing grassroots recovery advocacy efforts across the nation. The initiative is a response to the ongoing drug epidemic, which is the biggest public health crisis of our time. By sharing information, building recovery resources, and coordinating civic action across the nation, the project puts solutions into the hands of the people who are most in need.

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