Amy Kennedy

Amy provides consultation services that emphasize evidence-based research and programming to facilitate policy change in the areas of education and mental health. She also serves on the board of Mental Health America, a leading national advocacy organization based in the Washington, DC area, focused on giving a voice to all people with mental health conditions and addictions. Amy is also the education director for The Kennedy Forum.

A New Jersey native, Amy has had a lifelong interest in education policy, practice and politics. An educator by training, Amy has over 15 years of experience working in public schools in New Jersey and Pennsylvania. She uses her experience as a teacher and a mother of four children to promote the importance of social and emotional learning in the development of mental wellness for children and adolescents. Her research interests include the early identification and intervention of mental health concerns in children, the use of brain fitness and mindfulness within school systems to foster and improve mental wellness, and the development of prevention programs that promote student social and emotional learning.

Amy holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Elementary Education from Pennsylvania State University and a Master of Science in Environmental Education from Nova Southeastern University. As part of her training, Amy has also obtained certification as a highly qualified instructor in the subjects of Science, English and History. Amy, her husband, former Congressman Patrick J. Kennedy, and their children live in southern New Jersey.

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When we think about what’s needed in education as it relates to mental health, this is a great resource.”