“At every opportunity, Patrick brings his 'lived experience' and passion for public policies to find help for the addicted and relief for the mentally ill.”

Hon. Gordon H. Smith
President and CEO, National Association of Broadcasters

“Through decades of work, Patrick offers fresh perspectives and practical strategies. He excels in the ability to understand all dimensions of complex problems, to find scalable solutions, and to spur adoption by tapping into his vast network of connections at the local, state, and national levels and in the public and private sectors.”

Linda Rosenberg, MSW
Director of External Affairs, Columbia University Medical Center

“Patrick truly represents and understands the needs of people suffering from addiction and those who have found recovery.”

Gary Mendell
Founder and CEO, Shatterproof

“Mr. Kennedy has committed his life to serving the unique needs of people living with and in recovery from addiction and other mental health concerns, as well as their families, behavioral health providers, law enforcement, and others…. As a preeminent voice for mental health and addiction equity for more than 25 years, Kennedy has shown a deep understanding for the value of collective action and facilitating policy reforms through strategic, bipartisan partnerships."

Susan Gurley
Executive Director, Anxiety and Depression Association of America

“He has spent his life working with people from every political persuasion and every walk of life—he understands the unique needs of families, mental health and addiction treatment providers, law enforcement, people in recovery, and more. And as a person in long-term recovery himself, Congressman Kennedy has an unparalleled connection with millions of Americans who have been either directly or indirectly impacted by the brain disease of addiction.”

Chuck Ingoglia
President and CEO, National Council for Behavioral Health

“Patrick’s foundational achievements to help heal Americans struggling with addiction and mental health demonstrate that he has the experience and relationships to get the right things done. Moreover, his lived experience-based integrity, resolve, and compassion come through in everything he does, both as a leader and personally…Patrick’s lived experience with addiction, mental health and recovery has imbued him with a deep resolve to help his fellow Americans facing behavioral health challenges.”

Brandon Staglin
President, One Mind

“Mr. Kennedy’s relationships across the public and private sector and his passion for the cause have catalyzed national conversations around health equity and generated momentum for necessary reforms to aid underserved communities across the U.S. His service to the public is unmatched, and his commitment to collaboration and equity are unparalleled in the area of mental health and addiction services.”

Howard Mosby
Board Member and Treasurer, HEAL Collaborative

“Our partners in the private sector know who to call when they need guidance on mental health and addiction policy – and that person is Rep. Kennedy.”

Benedict F. Lessing, Jr., MSW
President/CEO, Community Care Alliance

“[Patrick] shares the lived experience of substance use disorder and recovery, with all its ramifications for family, community, stigma, and redemption. He shared his story and his family’s story publicly – remarkably and courageously, in a best-selling memoir that has been praised for its capacity to heal other individuals and families. Most importantly, he is one of the few in a generation with the capacity to galvanize laypersons and advocates with a clarifying vision of how to balance public health and public safety…”

David Gastfriend, MD, DFASAM
Co-founder & Chief Medical Officer, DynamiCare Health