One Step Closer To Better Sober Living Software

The journey to sobriety is never an easy one, and sober living homes play a crucial role in helping individuals navigate the road to recovery. However, managing a sober living home can be a daunting task, with numerous responsibilities and countless details to keep track of. Sobriety Hub, a cutting-edge operations management software, is here to change the game for sober living operators. In this blog post, we will explore the exceptional features of Sobriety Hub and how it translates to better recovery outcomes, improved rent collections, employee accountability, and time savings.

Sobriety Hub Software: The Features

  1. Rent: Easily monitor rent payments and outstanding balances, leading to improved rent collections.
  2. UA/BA Tracking: Keep track of Urinalysis (UA) and Breathalyzer (BA) tests, ensuring that residents maintain physical sobriety.
  3. Chores: Assign and monitor chores, promoting responsibility and accountability among residents.
  4. Meetings: Track residents’ attendance at recovery meetings and therapy sessions, ensuring they remain engaged in their recovery process.
  5. Mood: Monitor residents’ emotional well-being, allowing for early intervention and support when needed.
  6. Recovery Progress Tracking: Track residents’ progress in their recovery journey, enabling personalized support and encouragement.
  7. Contacts: Easily include emergency contact information for residents, including everything from emergency contacts to physicians, case managers, counselors, CPS workers, etc. 
  8. Medications: Keep track of residents’ medication schedules, ensuring they adhere to their prescribed regimens. Track med counts, types to confirm that medications are being taken as prescribed!
  9. Infractions/Crises: log infractions of your house rules
  10. Store Files: allow residents to easily sign intake documents 
  11. Legal Details: Manage resident’s legal information, including case status updates, probation/parole status, court dates and more. 
  12. House Privileges: Manage and track residents’ privileges and overnight passes, promoting accountability and encouraging personal growth.
  13. Alumni Management: Stay connected with former residents, fostering a supportive alumni community and promoting long-term success.

The Impact: Better Outcomes, Improved Efficiency, and Greater Accountability

Sobriety Hub’s innovative features lead to numerous benefits for sober living homes:

  1. Improved Recovery Outcomes: By tracking and monitoring various aspects of residents’ lives, operators can offer timely interventions and support, leading to better recovery outcomes.
  2. Improved Rent Collections: With rent tracking, operators can efficiently manage payments and outstanding balances, ensuring a stable financial foundation for the facility.
  3. Improved Employee Accountability: Task and chore tracking allow employees to stay accountable, ensuring that the home runs smoothly and residents receive the support they need.
  4. Save Time: By streamlining management processes and consolidating information, operators can save time and focus on providing quality care to residents.

The Vision: Accountability, Transparency, and Value-Based Contracting

Sobriety Hub’s mission is to collect, aggregate, and anonymize sober living outcomes data to promote accountability, transparency, and value-based contracting. By leveraging data, Sobriety Hub aims to secure more grant funding and convince insurance payers that investing in sober living is a wise decision.

Why Choose Sobriety Hub?

Compared to existing options, Sobriety Hub offers unparalleled ease of use, affordability, and mobile-friendliness. With the highest-rated operations management software on the marketSobriety Hub is the go-to choice for sober living operators looking to enhance their facility’s operations and improve the lives of those they serve.


Sobriety Hub is revolutionizing the way sober living homes operate by offering an incredibly value-adding tool for operators.