Psych Hub Videos Offer Clear, Compelling Mental Health Education for All

By Marjorie Morrison, President and CEO of Psych Hub

Searching for mental health education online is often a daunting task. There isn’t a central spot for people to learn about critical mental health topics in an efficient, engaging way.

That’s exactly why Patrick J. Kennedy and I created Psych Hub, an online learning platform featuring short, compelling videos on a variety of topics, including mental health basics, substance use, and suicide prevention.

Over the years, we’ve heard from so many families, advocates, employers, and providers that there is a need for clear, consistent, and credible information in one place. So, Psych Hub was designed to meet that very need and empower people from all walks of life through video.

Psych Hub’s videos are unlike any other content you’ll see online. They are carefully crafted to tell a thoughtful story through animation. Since anyone can be affected by mental health and substance use disorders, we chose a universal visual treatment that would connect with diverse audiences. Videos go through multiple reviews to ensure they are clinically sound, trauma-informed, and non-triggering.

On the Psych Hub website, specific conditions are also addressed on individual topic pages. Each page takes viewers on an educational journey from exploring symptoms to reviewing common treatment options. People leave with a better general understanding of conditions such as Anxiety, Depression, Bipolar Disorder, PTSD, Substance Use Disorder, and more. This enables them to prioritize their own mental health and potentially talk to a mental health care provider about treatment.

Another unique feature of Psych Hub is our FREE partnership program. We want to make sure that organizations have the resources they need to share mental health knowledge. Partners receive a special toolkit and their own branded landing page – with a custom URL – containing hand-picked videos that are most relevant to their networks.

Connecting people with best-in-class mental health education is what we are all about!

This came through loud and clear at our recent launch party in Nashville, TN! It was amazing to connect with current and future partners, advocates, and providers – and share an exclusive sneak peek of our videos. The crowd was buzzing with excitement for this new initiative and we were thrilled to be part of it all.

The next step is capturing all that positive energy for a new campaign called #ImPsychEd (details coming soon)! People will have the opportunity to share their mental health stories, thoughts, or inspirations with the world – so we can all continue to learn from each other and end stigma.

There are so many great things on the horizon for Psych Hub and our partners, and I’m truly excited to start this journey. Empowering individuals, families, advocates, employers, providers, and more with quality mental health education can and will normalize mental health conditions and make the world a better place for everyone. We want to make that process as easy as possible. After all, there is no health without mental health.

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